How much do you know about the study of robotics?  Probably not much more than I do.  And yet, here I am running a robotics club.  Let’s just day I’m a glutton for punishment.

But I do enjoy it.  I have a great group of eleven boys. They mostly work well together, and are problem solvers.  I really do not know much more than they do, but I usually do know when something had gone wrong and needs fixed.  Right now they have each built a bot and are programming it to go in a square and return to where it started from.  It is a lot harder than you would think!

My current problem is that I cannot seem to make the formula for circumference work right.

It should be 2* 3.14*radius.  if the axis is one wheel, the radius should be the difference between the wheels.  So, 6.18 x 16cm should give me the circumference.  Then, it should be a simple matter of dividing that by the number of centimeters a wheel goes in one rotation to find out how many rotations a 360° turn takes.  Them, if I want to go 1/4 of that, I divide by four.

My math is solid, but keeps coming it wonky saying I need right meters!  What its wrong?


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