The end of Thanksgiving

Today is the final day of Thanksgiving.  It is the day when I need to stop taking naps and pull out that backpack full of things that I chose not to do the other four days.  I did get two things marked off of my to do list.  I read the first two books my students are reading for their lit study.  I now only have two left.

Sadly I have a lot more grading to do.  And I’ll admit…. I hate grading.


Peter two

I have been reading in First Peter.  It talks about how all men need to serve their masters well, whether they be easy or hard.  It says that we well be rewarded if we struggle without guile.

So, I’m going to try to struggle without guile.  I an going to try to not gossip about policy or people, but just do my best for the kids.

It well be counted unto me for righteousness.

I hope.

A Thanksgiving Attitude

Maybe I should’ve called this post “An Attitude of Gratitude.” —> But I guess President Thomas S. Monson already took that in his April 1992 Talk.  (See Here)


“Like the leprosy of yesteryear are the plagues of today. They linger; they debilitate; they destroy. They are to be found everywhere. Their pervasiveness knows no boundaries. We know them as selfishness, greed, indulgence, cruelty, and crime, to identify but a few. Surfeited with their poison, we tend to criticize, to complain, to blame, and, slowly but surely, to abandon the positives and adopt the negatives of life.”


I’m recalling this today because my principal told us today to “Live in Gratitude.”  So, let’s see how I do:


1. I am thankful for my husband’s new job.  Not only does he HAVE a job, but it’s doing what he loves.
2. I am grateful that duty went stress free this morning.
3. I am grateful that my Book Pal order went through perfectly. Now I have a wonderful stack of The Phantom Tollbooth Books to run a unit on with Teacher Next Door.
4. I am grateful that my allergies are mild.
5. I am grateful that Art is 40 minutes today.
6. I am grateful that when I walked into my classroom this morning the kids were well ordered and behaved, thanks again to Teacher Next Door. ❤ ❤ ❤ (I had duty so couldn't be there right as the bell rung.)
7. I am grateful that the kids were so excited that I wasn't sick! (A few even came to give me hugs!)

I guess I do have a lot to be grateful for, and I've just run out of time. I'll what I can do about clinging to this greatfulness and maybe today will be pretty good despite indoor recess. *shudder*

The things that influence us

Life outside of teaching plays a huge role in how I teach.  Here’s a list of things that affect me:

1.  My religious beliefs.  I believe that every child is a child of God.  I believe that the children I teach are closer to him than I am.  I also belive that since my kids are over the age of eight (they’re nine and ten respectivly) that they have the ability to make clear choices between right and wrong.  Sometimes this makes me come down a little harder on them because they ought to know better by now.  (Yes, I’m talking to you little California girl who decided to kick other children today!)

2.  How much sleep I get the night before.  If I don’t sleep well, it’s all down hill from there.  ‘Nough said.

3. How the first few moments of the day go.  If the kids are wild the moment they step into the door, then the day doesn’t go so well.  However, if the kids come in with smiles on their faces, and a normal pitched voice, I can usually count on a fairly good day.

4. How much my voice hurts.  I try to talk as little as possible, so that the kids can then fill up the empty space.  Sometimes I talk too much. :/ That’s a problem because as a teacher… I DO need to talk sometimes!

5. If I got to eat lunch.  This one isn’t as much of a problem as it was last year.  I’ve learned my lesson and I tend to bring SOMETHING for lunch these days.  I’ve also taken to keeping a snack in my desk so that I can chew on it on the sly if necessary.


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