The December Grinch

Any teacher will tell you that the time right before a break is the hardest time of the year.  Some of these include:

1. The two days before Thanksgiving.

2. The four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

3. The time between end of year testing and the end of the year.

Right now we’re sitting in that middle time.  Not only is it this weird time between breaks but the weather is slowly but surely changing also.  The daylight is growing weaker and it is warming up.  When we get up it is dark, and by the time our after-school program ends it is dark.  The classroom feels oppressively hot after the cool outside, but it is too cold to open the door for more than a few minutes.

The students are tired.  And I’m tired too.  This is the time of year when lesson plans fall apart, interventions get skipped, middle-of-year testing is going on and so forth.  I have to make sure to reinforce my routines over, and over, and over again because they forgetting them.


I have to make sure to focus and be nice.  There are worse things my kids could be doing than talking and not focusing.

Am I complaining?  Yes.  Is it pathetic?  Yes.

I’ll get over it.


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