My favorite phrases

When students gather around me when they should be doing something else and I also need to be doing something else- “I love you! Go away!”

When people are talking when someone has been called on to talk- “Wait please, the class is being rude.”  (Typically followed by a glare at the talking people)

When a child comes up and says something akin to “I lost my a paper/pencil etc” – “Figure it out.”  Often modified to, “I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”  

When a child says ‘question’ before asking their question, or ‘ms teacher, I have a question’- “The sky is blue”

When a child asks, ‘Can I ask a question?” – “Is the sky blue?”

When a child says, “I have two questions” – “The sky is blue.  <insert random animal fact.>”



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