Clothing dear

It’s Arizona and it does get hot.  I try not to harp on my girls for wearing too short of shorts, especially as I know that it’s a parent’s decision and I need to shut up.

But there are a few not okay things.

1. If their thumbs reach down on the sides farther than their shorts do.

2. When you can see right though it.


…. At this age, neither is okay!  Especially not for school


My favorite phrases

When students gather around me when they should be doing something else and I also need to be doing something else- “I love you! Go away!”

When people are talking when someone has been called on to talk- “Wait please, the class is being rude.”  (Typically followed by a glare at the talking people)

When a child comes up and says something akin to “I lost my a paper/pencil etc” – “Figure it out.”  Often modified to, “I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”  

When a child says ‘question’ before asking their question, or ‘ms teacher, I have a question’- “The sky is blue”

When a child asks, ‘Can I ask a question?” – “Is the sky blue?”

When a child says, “I have two questions” – “The sky is blue.  <insert random animal fact.>”


It’s Over! It’s Over!

Praise to the Almighty, it is over!!!

Plans for the rest of the year:

1. Figure out WHAT to do with math.  I’m thinking Ratios, though I don’t know. 

Green Urine?

Student- “I hear that if you have green urine it means you’re going to die.  I just had some green urine.  Am I going to die?”

Me- “No, you’ll be fine.  Sit forward.”

Oh English Language,

When you think about it, Ratio does make sense pronounced “Ray-d-o”

Why WOULD that ‘ti’ make the ‘she’ sound?

Good use of syllables student, you got as close as that word gets!!

Dear Ladies,

Please wear shorts that are a) long enough to cover your bum, and b) not tight.


Thanks you,

-The person who believes that there is nothing a 4th grader should show off.

Highlights from the 4th and final day of AIMS

Once again, it is MUCH more interesting to sit and do nothing than redo any part of th etest.

First it’s too hot…. then it’s too cold.  $10 says that it’ll be too hot again after the break!

One child actually managed to remove the small razor from the pencil sharperner and was sitting merrilly shaving away at the lead with it.

Another child, “Please excuse me as I bang my pencil loudly against the top of my water botttle in order to create a hole rather than opening it up.”


Oh, and we finished quickher today too.  BAH

Last of all- “Oh… I don’t need to go to the bathroom any more.”

Dear Parents

After the test started today my new girl called me over.

Girl- “Is it true that if you don’t have breakfast that your brain doesn’t think so well?”

Me- “That’s true.”

Girl- “Oh, my brain isn’t thinking too well.”

Me- “Did you get breakfast?”  (As I spy blue food in her pocket)

Girl- “No, I didn’t have any time.”

In my mind I’m asking myself why she didn’t tell me this earlier so that I could have her eat before the test started.

Me- “Well, remind me tomorrow so that I can make sure you get to eat.”




1 day of AIMS left!

Ah crap

NOW I realize why child in question is acting off for the last few months!! Parents are talking about splitting up!


ARgh ! Of COURSE that would cause him to act out!


Parents! Tell me these things!

AIMS Highlights

1.  Child telling another to ‘hurry up, you’re the last one!’

2. Child who finishes the test in 20 minutes without reading a single question.

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