Imposing Morality

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I have a strong belief that I am obligated to share my religion when the opportunities present themselves.  If I don’t take the chance I feel badly that I could have helped someone to have the full knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their life.

However, I don’t take it as far as some do!

One of my favorite bloggers posted this story about a mother who helped her daughter with an Everyday Math homework assignment.  Her daughter was looking for something that was cone shaped, and mother pointed out a Martini glass. The teacher returned the assignment with a “not appropriate for school” note.

Seriously?  The assignment was to look for a cone, and they found a cone!  Even though I believe in sharing my religion, I’d NEVER tell a child that something as innocent as having a glass which typically alcohol served in is ‘bad’.  That’s their parents job.

Teachers, do you not get what you do to these kids with your words?  I would never demean a student’s home life like that and I’ve had some serious doozies.


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