I feel a shifting in the sand


The school boar has been dithering back and forth for the last four months on start and end times for my school.  There’s been a few reasons for serious concern.

1. Bus Schedules.  The school doesn’t want to hire more bus drivers.  Right now we can sometimes wait 20-40 minutes after school for busses to finish their last routes and arrive to pick up our kids.  With k-4 kiddos this really isn’t good ESPECIALLY at the start of the year when it can be an upwards of 100* outside (they stand in the sunlight waiting).  This year we didn’t even have a large place for the kids to wait for the school bus at.

2. Community Issues.  My school is set back in a residental area that isn’t really condusive to a lot of traffic.  However, a school with almost athousand kids ended up with quite a bit of traffic.  The community has ordinances agaisnt parking on the street during certain hours, but the parents who don’t live in the community freely ignore that.  It’s hard on the residence during our start and end times.

Back to the wow-

Typically the board bows to pressure from the parents very readily.  This year however, that’s a no-go! The start and end times have been pushed up an hour.

Bright Side:  Issues solved, kids get home earlier, cooler during more of the day, I get time to actually do stuff after school before stuff closes.

Dark Side:  Teachers who have kids at other schools are facing issues because those start times didn’t change.  At least one person on my team has no way to drop off her child any more, because (teacher) she will already be teaching when her daughter needs to be at school.


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