The Myth Of Helicopter Parents

I know that Helicopter parents exist.  I have seen them, and they are a pain.  However, I’m not here to write about Helicopter parents.

Let me just say- I have some of the best parents of kids that a teacher could have.  They are warm, responsive, intelligent, flexible and everything that I could ask for.  They forgive my blunders and work hard for their kids.

For example,

I had a phone conference with a parent tonight becuase she couldn’t come to the formal sit-down conference.  She listened, asked questions and was so informed.  The questions were not, “What should I do,” but rather, “What can I do to help my child.”  It was a short conference because she’d already been so proactive about helping me keep her updated that all of my concerns had already been said and acted upon.  I’m was just ticked pink about how responsive she was to the things I had to say.

That was just one amazing example.  All of my conferences so far have been wonderful.  Let’s give a hip-hip-horray!! to parents who make my job as a teacher a million times easier.


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