I feel like the wicked witch of the west!

Man, my kids are pushing every, single, last button that I have.

The TALKING.  They can’t seem to stop long enough to get anything done!  The disrespect to me and to one another is absolutly apalling.  These kids KNOW how to act while in school.


I’m giving up and we’re going back to rows.  I like sitting them in groups.  I like how easy it is for them to partner up with one anothe.  I like how it gives them instant identity.  However, it also gives them someone to goof off with if they so choose.


I really don’t want to take them on the field trip tomorrow.  Rationally, I know they’re not doing anything other than what kids do, but it’s starting to annoy me.

I’m betting most of my stressing comes from AIMS.  They’re not ready at all in my eyes.  😦 😦


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