Rocking my day out

So: Memerable Moments:

A kid decided to get very snippy with me today and I decided that I had quite enough of that.  I pulled him outside.  This was our conversation.

Me- “What did I ever do to you to get this paper thrown at me with what I took as utter distain?”  (Imagine me with my hands on hips, but one foot in the door so I can still hear the rest of the class.)

Child- “Sometimes you pick on me!”

Me- “What did I do to pick on you?” (trying to be fair here…. maybe I was unfire)

Child- “I don’t know! You just do!”

Me- “If you can’t say what I did, then how do you know I was picking on you?”

Child- “I don’t know! you’re just mean to me!”

Me counting to 10

Me- “Are you always prepared for class?”

Child- “No.”

Me- “Are you always paying attention?”

Child- “No.”

Me- “Are you always doing what you are suppose to do?”

Child- “No?’

Counting to 10 again.

I don’t remember the next part very well, but it went along the lines of,

Me- “You do realize that my job is to teach you correct?  My job is not to make you feel good, or happy or even for you to have fun.  My job is to help you learn.  If you are doing something that keeps you from learning then yes, I am mean.  I am a jerk.  And I do not apologize for being mean or a jerk when you are keeping me from doing my job.”

I think I started the kid.  He retreated from his point of anger and asked if he could work alone on the project instead of with a partner.  THIS I am okay with, so long as he is working.  We went in, and he got to work.



Lunch detention is no fun, but when I’ve got kids with F’s because of missing work it becomes necessary.  BLAH HUMBUG.


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  1. Amelia M.
    Feb 26, 2012 @ 21:48:03

    I hope you got through to that kid! It sounds like you had a good little heart to heart/reality check.


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