Open mouth, insert foot.

I got this tendency from my mother- it’s called complete and utter bluntness. I call things as I see them, and rarely pull my punches. In real life most people appreciate the honestly and are willing to accept a different view point from themselves. If they’re not, we simply go our separate ways never to meet again.

I’m learning the hard way however that this isn’t really a good thing in a highly poiticized environment like a school.

I won’t go into the first time it happens, suffice it to say that it did happen and I ended up having to write a letter of apology to the Director of Human Resources. Last Wednesday I did it again.

On my RIF (Reduction in Force) rubric there is an opportunity to get an extra point (meaning one less thing they’ll get rid of you over if they do have to decrease the staff at the school) by attending 3 out of school meetings. I went to one School Board Meeting, and I’ll be at the School Fair later this year. I decided to attend one of the PTO meetings the other day to get that last meeting in.

During the meeting I didn’t think I would do much, just sit and listen. I wasn’t really even doing that when the discussion of a new program (International Baccalaureate) was being discussed. One of the parents asked how teachers felt and instead of answering herself Principal turned to me and said, “How do the teachers feel about it Ms. 4th Grade Teacher?”

I was caught off guard and answered honestly. I said that I didn’t know much, that I wasn’t too sure about the program, that I was confused and stressed by the prospect of this new venture and I wasn’t sure I liked it.

The dead silence after I spoke let me know that I’d done it again.



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