Another jot in “This is not my job.”

I’m struggling with the thankfulness, though talking to my youngest sister about her struggles helped. At least I understand when I have a panic attack what is going on and I have the freedom to help myself that a high schooler doesn’t necessary have.
Anyway on to things that are not my job.

We have this gifted class here at our school.  Currently there are 46 kids in that class.  It is too big.  My wonderful AEP teacher is so stressed and so overwhelmed she’s having health issues!  She’s a warrior, so it’s not her over reacting.

Well, we had a meeting today with our Principal, Union Rep and director of Human Resources as well as the AEP teacher and all of us on the 4th grade team.  Our Union Rep was appalled that nothing had been done (though they’d had 2 years to plan).  We stated under no uncertain terms this was unacceptable.  The principal and HR then turned to us and said, “You come up with how to fix it.”

… My job is not to fix staffing issues.  That is the District’s job.  That is the principal’s job.  My job is to teach, my job is to grade, my job is to plan collaboratively with my colleges, my job is to do duties as necessary for the good of the school.

My job is not to come up with a plan to solve this issue.

However, since we are professionals we did solve it.  Republican is going split the AEP class with AEP teacher, and her kids will be distributed to the rest of us. (I did ask if they would set a date for it to be fixed or at LEAST give us updates regularly about what is happening and they (HR and Principal) were VERY snippy about it.)

That means, if we do this fair so class sizes remain equal, I’m going to be getting 9 new kids in January on top of my little girl coming back from Thailand and another whose suppose to transfer over.

Going from 20 kids to 30 in one fell swoop in the middle of the year?  Nightmare…


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