The things that influence us

Life outside of teaching plays a huge role in how I teach.  Here’s a list of things that affect me:

1.  My religious beliefs.  I believe that every child is a child of God.  I believe that the children I teach are closer to him than I am.  I also belive that since my kids are over the age of eight (they’re nine and ten respectivly) that they have the ability to make clear choices between right and wrong.  Sometimes this makes me come down a little harder on them because they ought to know better by now.  (Yes, I’m talking to you little California girl who decided to kick other children today!)

2.  How much sleep I get the night before.  If I don’t sleep well, it’s all down hill from there.  ‘Nough said.

3. How the first few moments of the day go.  If the kids are wild the moment they step into the door, then the day doesn’t go so well.  However, if the kids come in with smiles on their faces, and a normal pitched voice, I can usually count on a fairly good day.

4. How much my voice hurts.  I try to talk as little as possible, so that the kids can then fill up the empty space.  Sometimes I talk too much. :/ That’s a problem because as a teacher… I DO need to talk sometimes!

5. If I got to eat lunch.  This one isn’t as much of a problem as it was last year.  I’ve learned my lesson and I tend to bring SOMETHING for lunch these days.  I’ve also taken to keeping a snack in my desk so that I can chew on it on the sly if necessary.



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