My new favorite question

I’ve been getting pretty frustrated lately with my kiddos, so I went back and reread a part of Love and Logic. I was reminded that part of my job is empowering kids to do their own thinking.


In this vein I’m trying to switch from giving kids answers to insead asking them, “So, what are you going to do?”  I’ve used it a half dozen times this morning alone with amazing results.   The kids think, and then they do.  It didn’t work with one little girl, so I had to do more prompting, but in the end she got it.  I pulled her aside to say,  “Seriously?  You KNOW what 2×6 is.  Don’t even say you don’t. You’ve GOT this!”


Of course… I’m not perfect yet.  Especially when they come up with a question out of the blue.  IF they’re raising their hand I’m better prepared.


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