Skype with 29 kids

We have a lovely little girl from our class who is over in Thailand right now.  I read her blog regularly, and she seems to be doing alright. (She didn’t want to move.)  Her mother and I keep in contact so that she can know that I still care about her education and am excited for her to come back, (she’ll be back just before the AIMS test in April.)  Yesterday I surprised the class by “skyping” her in.

Now that I’ve done it I have a few things I’m going to do differently.

1) Forwarning!  No more surprising the kids for me.  We’re going to come up with questions to ask her, so that some of the sillyness doesn’t show up as much.

2) Learn about the pace we’re skyping to!  The kids didn’t even know where Thailand was!  We had to do an impromtu lesson right in the middle so the kids had some context!

3) Set ground rules.  Things like- one person talks at a time, make room for the person talking to be able to be on the screen.  Things like that.

4) Know the limits of your camera/mic.  Just because it works with 2 kids, doesn’t mean it will work with 29!

I’m glad that despite the confusion and noise (I’m going to call her Asia for now, though she’s not at all Asian) Asia still loved the call.  I guess the two friends she HAD made there just moved away to be closer to their school, so she’s feeling pretty lonely right now.  We’ll do this again before it is time for her to come home.

With me being more prepared of course!!


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