Kids say the darndest things…

We’re building circuits in my science class.  Today we were trying to make series circuits and for some reason it just wasn’t working!  I finally packed it all up and sent it to the district office to figure out.

I then told my class the truth.  I was going to put a movie on about electricity, and if Principal walked in, they were to tell her that they were writing down things they learned and that I’d collect them at the end (which I did do!  It was education AND aligned, AND on topic.  So, still useful!).  However, they heard “Only work when Principal is present.”  Unfortnatly, PLC Leader walked into the door RIGHT when Anxiety boy raised his hand and said, “Just to make sure, we only have to work when Principal is here?”  I quickly said, “No, you have to think the whole time.”  Afterwards I went and explained everything to PLC Leader and he just laughed.






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