There are some things in teaching that my education degree did not  teach me about.  One of them is the heart break that comes with issuing awards to students for achievement.

In my school 4th grade is the last grade in elementary school.  This means we hold a ‘continuation’ cerimony so that the kids feel like they’re really leaving.  We also give out awards.  The music, and art teachers give out awards, and the PE teacher presents the Presidental Fitess award.  The principal hands out the perfect attendance awards.  Us fourth grade teachers also have an award.  Typically we’ve given the Presidental Award for Educational Excellence.  It’s always been a source of contention because the wording is vague.  Last year we were so upset that we decide that THIS YEAR, we were going to change it.

Well.  It’s the end of the second semester of THIS YEAR.  All year we’ve discussed it off and on and every discussion ends the same.

PLC Leader demands that the award be based soely off GPA from all core classes, which includes Art, PE and Music.  His opinion is because he’s had parents complain in the past about not getting it, and he has felt powerless to answer them with complete authority.

Former Principal demands we use the Presidential award.  (I found out this morning that he was the one who suggested we start using it in the first place.)

Group Leader just wants a decision and peace to be made.

Republican sides with Former Principal.

Then, myself, Gifted, and Reading Group just want a decsion so we can stop arguing about it!!

It’s getting frustrating.  I don’t care about the award.  I’ll use whatever criteria and deal with parental complaints when they come by showing them to Principal’s door.


*Though I do like the idea of having a way to recognize extraordinary growth… because for some kids making a c is an A……


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